From Cover to Cover

This comes to you very late. At the end of the week, in fact. But never mind that. Let’s just look at this week’s three.

1. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Tori Amos (Nirvana Cover)

A rather interesting take on the song. What’s cool is that Tori Amos still makes it come across with intensity.”

2. Stay by The Smashing Pumpkins (U2 Cover)

One of my favorite bands covering my favorite U2 song. What else could you ask for? … Well, if they let D’Arcy sing too, that would have been just perfect. (pun not intended)”

3. Hit Me Baby One More Time by Travis (Britney Spears Cover)

This is the one that actually started this post idea. My wife showed it to me more than a week ago. It’s just awesome! Fran Healy’s the man! And Dougie Payne’s second voice is just killer!”