Kent Svenka?

Rock icons of Scandinavia

Kent is a rock band from Sweden. The roots of the band go as far back as 1990. They’re one of the biggest bands in Sweden, with 9 studio albums, millions in sales, and 20 Swedish Grammy awards under their belts. But they pretty much just have a cult following in other parts of the world. In 1998, they released an English version of the album Isola in an attempt to break into the international mainstream. They followed it up in 2000 with an English version of Hagnesta Hill and supported it with a US tour. Even with these efforts, the band did not gather enough attention to draw in significant sales. As such, Kent has dropped all efforts of releasing further English albums, which to a lot of fans outside of Sweden, is a bummer.

I first heard Kent on the radio in the late ’90s; the English version of If You Were Here getting a fair amount of airplay. But it was their second radio single, 747 that made my friends and I notice the band. Part of its charm was the fact that the song’s title was its duration in minutes and seconds. I also personally love the layered guitars with distortion and delays. A couple of years later, my friend was able to find a copy of the English version of their album Isola, which contained If You Were Here and 747. I borrowed it and got to listen to the rest of the album. I later found the English version of their succeeding album, Hagnesta Hill on sale at a mall record bar for 125 pesos. From that album, what eventually became my favorite is Rollercoaster.

Music videos of If You Were Here and 747 were made. But 747 was shortened to 4:25 and it also included a chorus that isn’t in the album version. I prefer the album version because of the long outro.

1. If You Were Here”

2. 747

Official Video”

Album Version”

3. Rollercoaster”