It’s not often that you get really good rock duets. But when you do, they’re quite awesome!

1. …Said Sadly by the Smashing Pumpkins (James Iha featuring Nina Gordon)

Rock ‘n’ roll + rock ‘n’ roll: This is a B-Side of the Smashing Pumpkins single Bullet with Butterfly Wings, from their 1995 double album, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. The song was written and sung by James Iha. Nina Gordon, formerly of Veruca Salt, sings opposite James.

EMI doesn’t allow any videos of the song on Youtube to play in the Philippines, so we turn to Dailymotion once again. There is no official video for it, and this is the ONLY video of it in Dailymotion.


2. Good Morning Baby by Bic Runga and Dan Wilson

Pop + rock ‘n’ roll: This one’s from the soundtrack of the 1999 movie, American Pie. I think it was specifically recorded for the movie by Bic Runga and Semisonic front man Dan Wilson.


3. Virginia Moon by Foo Fighters featuring Norah Jones

Rock ‘n’ roll + jazz: This song came out in the Foo Fighters’ 2007 double album, In Your Honor. It was also included in Norah Jones’ 2010 album aptly titled Featuring.

Here’s an interview clip of Norah Jones and the Foo Fighters about the song.


And here’s the song!



Letting It Come Down

And so begins the weekend.

I’m listening to James Iha’s solo album, Let It Come Down, as I wait for my hair to dry. It was a much needed shower. I could feel the dust particles mixing with my sweat, caking into mud; miniscule cakes of mud clinging to my hair and skin. For the first time in more than ten years, I played football. Seven-a-side, two games, back to back, against people who still have that rocket fuel called youth. I didn’t sub out. Forty minutes. Suicide. The only reason the suicide attempt failed was that the pitch we played in was just half the size of a real football field.

Still, it was a good suicide attempt. In the first game, we tied one-one against their first team. Of course, we lost one-nil against their second team in the game that followed. I was all but dead by then, so one-nil still feels like sweet victory to me. Plus everybody had loads of fun, even those who came to watch and cheer. It was, after all, a friendly game between teachers and students. The PE coaches said the next one lined up is volleyball. Let’s just say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Pun intended. Very intended.

Well, my hair is almost dry and James Iha is on his bonus track. Much like today’s football, the album isn’t stellar, but it’s still good. Be Strong Now and Sound of Love are gems in the collection of twelve. The music is reminiscent of folk rock and country music, maybe even a little Beatlesque, but there are also signs here and there of the softer side of the Smashing Pumpkins. You can actually put Take Me Down together into this album and it’ll feel right at home. According to what I read about the album, James said that the music turned out that way because he wrote most of the songs in his hotel room at night, while touring with the Pumpkins. He played quietly because he didn’t want to wake people in the adjacent rooms.

It’s only my first listen of the album, but I have a feeling the other songs will grow on me. Not only because I am a shameless Pumpkins fan, but also because the music is easy, the words and singing come across with sincerity. What’s more, it makes me look forward to summer, when I get back to recording.

Time to eat some din-din. And let me just say that I find it sad that nobody on the grid seems to have the lyrics to Sound of Love completely right. Meh. What a let down. Guess I’ll have to do it myself.

In Memoriam

March 24, 1933 – March 25, 2011. Three cheers for Ella!

1. Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town by Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam is probably best known for two things. First, as one of the bands that popularized grunge music from Seattle in the ’90s. Second, they are probably the only living example of a band that have become so big but have not sold out. If I’m not mistaken, Jeremy is still their only song with a music video to date.

This song, with its lengthy title, is from their second album “Vs.”, which was released in 1993. I remember one of my classmates in high school was able to buy one of the rare copies of Vs. that didn’t have the title of the album in the cover.

This video doesn’t sync so well with the audio, but it’s the best audio quality I found.

2. Be Strong Now by James Iha

James Iha was the guitarist for the Smashing Pumpkins from their very beginnings to their very end. This song was the single for his first and only solo album to date, Let It Come Down, which came out in 1998 while he was still with the Pumpkins.

3. I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer who gained popularity in the ’90s. Below is the official video for the song in the live album, Mirrorball. Trivia: the guy on drums is her husband.