Don’t Reinvent It

I got the idea while on the walking leg of my commute to work one morning.

Cake and (Surprise, surprise) the Foo Fighters return (again) for this week’s three. The band to introduce is Athenaeum.

Athenaeum was a rock band that was formed in Carolina in the 1990. They released an independent self-titled album in 1995. Radiance, their major label debut album in 1998, yielded minor hits. But here in the Philippines, Flat Tire became pretty popular, getting a lot of airplay when it was released. The band was dropped by their major label after their self-titled second major label album in 2001. The following year, they released a collection of outtakes and demos called Hourglass. The band toured and played their final show in 2004.

1. Wheels by Cake

This is very characteristic Cake. Easy, groovy, and lyrics that paint interesting images in your head. It’s from their 2004 album Pressure Chief.”

2. Flat Tire by Athenaeum

This one just makes me remember the carefree days of college that shouldn’t have been carefree but really serious instead, but would take a year more for me to realize…”

3. Wheels by Foo Fighters

This one is one of the two tracks in the their 2009 ‘Best of’ collection that were previously unreleased. Classic Foo.”