INHALER: Breathing New Life After Five Years

After five long years, the members of Inhaler (which you can read about here, here, and here) found themselves in a rehearsal studio playing their music once more!

Yours truly reading his cheat sheet. That’s still my first guitar, a Frankenstein Telecaster copy that is in sore need of new lightning.

Byugi98 with his Fernando bass guitar (forgot the model).

The other day was Inhaler’s first jam session in 5 years. We held it at the rehearsal studio of JB Music Audio Solutions in Araneta Center, Cubao. It was the first step of the long journey we planned last year; to record all our songs. It was funny because we could hardly remember some of our parts. Heck, there were songs that some of us couldn’t remember at all! But after a few tries and short discussions, we pretty much were able to play all our songs, albeit roughly. It also helped that we had some home-recorded songs to practice with. We jammed for about an hour-and-a-half. It was supposed to be 2 hours, but some of us come from far-away places like Alabang. Despite that, it was a very productive first jam.

Nil pounding away on the drums!!!

The Gonz and the Maity-Maitz!

JusTech with his Squier Telecaster.

It was also a great time as friends because we hardly saw each other. The studio was full. Aside from the 5 of us in the band, Yugi’s girlfriend was there, the whole Gonz family was there, and so were F and Che-Hmph-Rawr, rounding out the total to 11 people! We probably hold the record for most people in the rehearsal studio! After the jam, we spent some more time talking about life, gear, music, and our next steps at the nearby Wendy’s branch (because I was craving for their fries and ice tea).

The Gonz playing his Fender Telecaster (You see a pattern here?), with Byugi98 and part of the studio mob in the background.

We’ve decided that we’ll be meeting regularly every Saturday for jam sessions until we polish all the songs. After that we’ll start the recording process. It really feels great to be in a band again, especially a band you started with your friends and you play original material. It’s going to be a long and exciting journey! Long live Pinoy rock!

Thanks to F for the photographs!

Note to self: Bring Rune to next week’s jam.