After a Long Pause

It’s been more than a month since I worked on my recording. After my workshop, I was pretty much bombarded with work-related stuff. I started working on my 7th track in September, but it has been hard finding long-enough blocks of time to finish it. All I want to do at home is unwind, and these last two weeks even had me working on the weekends. And let’s not forget that I started playing Puzzle Pirates again… But finally, this three-day weekend afforded me enough time to finish it.

This has got to be the most depressing song I have ever written. If you read the lyrics, it’s totally negative and at no point does the song redeem itself. I wrote this after reading Neil Gaiman’s Death: The High Cost of Living, which is why there is a reference to a refrigerator bearing down one’s chest. However, I’m happy with it because it’s ironically upbeat and it’s my first song with a fadeout.

As usual, the lyrics are below and the title is a link to the song.

Down to Earth

I want to take that final step to freedom

I want to take control and flip the switch

I want to feel the rush of wind run between my fingers

I want my mind to jump out of my skin

Don’t want a refrigerator bearing down my chest

Be on your best behavior, honey

Don’t you make a mess

But soon enough this wreckage will be cleared

When the wailing of the sirens falls deaf upon my ears

And I’m falling down to earth

I’m falling down

Time to cut that safety line

And jump right off the edge

I’m gonna make them bastards cry

Yeah, this is my revenge

When I burn all the bridges that I’ve built

My eyes will be wide open without a trace of guilt

And I’m falling down to earth

I’m falling down

And I’m falling down to earth

I’m falling down


When I take that final step from here

The questions and their answers will no longer mean a thing

‘Cause I’m falling down to earth

I’m falling down

Yes I’m falling down to earth

I’m falling

I’m falling

I’m falling