Sifting Through Ash

I planned this thing to be weekly, but I guess that was easy to do during the summer. Now that I’m working again, it will have to be a weekly-thing-if-I-can.

Today, I’m thinking Ash.

Genuine real teenagers.

Ash is a rock band from Ireland that was formed in 1992. They were just in their teens when they recorded their early material. Their first commercial release was 1994’s Trailer, a mini album with 7 tracks. But their follow-up album 1977, released in 1996, would be the one to achieve more considerable success.  They’ve released 6 studio albums, but shifted to releasing material in single format in 2007. A greatest hits album is in the works with a scheduled October 2011 release date.

1. Girl from Mars

This is probably the first Ash song I heard. It’s from the 1996 album, 1977. There is also a UK version of the video, but there are audio dropouts near the end, plus it was just weird.”

2. A Life Less Ordinary

This is a track in the soundtrack of the 1997 Danny Boyle film of the same name.”

3. Shining Light

This one is the first single from the 2001 release, Free All Angels. I didn’t really pay much attention to this when I first heard it, but it’s one of my favorites now.”


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