Memories of My First Breath (Keepsakes and What Comes After)

Cynical Forces, Gusto Pa, Stargaze, Mahalin

2nd Moon, , Snapshots 1×1, Beautiful Dream, Moon Rocket*

Sandal E, Obstructed View, Bitwin at Lihim, Never Ending Now

Out of those twelve that Inhaler completed, we were only able to record half; five home recordings and one studio recording. I’d really love to finish recording all twelve properly (read: future sound plans).

*This is the Gonz’s song. It’s wicked cool. Trust me.

For the five we recorded at home (the Gonz’s home, not mine), we used the Gonz’s laptop with older versions of Cakewalk and Sound Forge for recording, Leafdrums for the drum tracks, a Creative Extigy external sound card, and the Gonz’s Tascam 4-Track as our preamp. Byugi98 served as our sound engineer. They are far from pro quality, but good first recording attempts nonetheless.

Cynical Forces

This is the first song Inhaler completed. Uptempo, short, sweet, but still loud enough. This recording’s pretty clean, and the mixing turned out quite well too.


This is one of the first songs I wrote. My friend JusTech was the one who came up with the melody for this one. It wasn’t what I imagined it would be, but I like how it turned out. The drums in this recording probably need a redo, so does my singing. LOLz.

2nd Moon

This song came from a poem I wrote. I don’t know if I still have a copy of it. I’m also not sure if the song title came from the first Keepres of the Maser graphic novel by Frezzato, which I read in Heavy Metal magazine. This was #1 fan’s favorite (at least for some time), but this recording just doesn’t show why. When we played this live, it was very loud and heavy. I’d really love to record this song again, especially because I couldn’t get the damn opening right.

Beautiful Dream

This is probably the penultimate Inhaler love song. Lolz. I like this recording. It came out clean and balanced, my singing turned out okay, and the lead had just enough dirt in it to dispel total sap. And once more, credit to JusTech for refining the riff on this one.

Snapshots 1×1

Up until a month ago, I had totally forgotten that we were able to make a home recording of this one. This is from the first batch of respectable songs I wrote in Filipino. This is a lot like Cynical forces in the sense that it’s uptempo and short, with the right amount of loud.

Sandal E

Also from the first batch of good-enough Filipino songs I wrote, this is the only song we were able to record in a studio. We chose this as our first (and only) track for studio recording because it had a enough pop appeal and still rocked. Though in hindsight, I would probably choose Cynical Forces or Snapshots 1×1 over it.

We were able to save up some money and recorded this at DBR Studios in Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. The owner, Billy Reyes (guitarist of Kiko Machine), engineered the recording, the mixing, and the mastering of the track. It took us several days to complete it. We could have probably done a better job with more takes, but we ran out of funds. Lolz yet again.

Hmmm… I think we should really get around to recording the whole dozen properly. (Could you say I’m pretty hell bent?)

After Inhaler broke up, I stopped making music. I even pretty much stopped listening to music. But in 2009, I got to watch the TV airing of the second installment of the Eraserheads’ reunion concert. Those guys have been my heroes ever since their first album came out. And even after they broke up, even if they just got together for one last jam, they’re still the heroes of old. Watching that concert finally made me get over Inhaler’s dissolution. I figured out that there’s no point in not making music. I figured out that there’s more than one way to get my music out there. That’s when Tandem was born.

Just like Dave Grohl, I’ll keep trying to sing. Just like Kurt Cobain, I’ll keep it simple. And just like the students in my classes, I’ll keep learning. That’s what Tandem’s going to be.


3 responses

  1. My fav is “stargaze” (that is why it is in our documentary). Can’t wait to hear some tandem if, sadly, we shall hear no more inhaler songs. The recordings sound pretty good, though you can kinda hear the difference with the one in the studio. 🙂

  2. Welcome back to the grid, Bob! I actually find it ironic that of all the places you can fall off the grid from, it’s NYC for crissakes! <– Chocolate War

    Anyway, I'm pretty hell bent on recording all 12 Inhaler songs. I'm already making plans on how to do it properly and with minimal disturbance to the current lives of my former band mates. But I'll do it after releasing 12 songs from Tandem.(Yes, my magic number for album tracks is 12.)If all goes well, you should get to hear the album by 2013. Keep them fingers crossed. I'll need mine untangled to work.

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